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About us

Fashion Designers can’t always be in places close to fashion enthusiasts, which impedes the creation of strong relationships between the two, and for women specifically, fashion means the opportunity to transcend the boundaries of time, geography and personal history. For decades women have claimed fashion as an indicator of society’s changing values.

This is when Epoqueu was founded by two Kuwaiti entrepreneur sisters who decided to help fashion enthusiasts find unique and selected fashion designs that many other people cannot find easily, with a love of style and a deep desire to reflect their own ideas, inspire others toward their visions, and become the bridge between the fashion designers and consumers.

Epoqueu came to life online when both sisters started their long journey by visiting different countries across the globe, attending various fashion shows and locating International independent and creative local fashion designers that fit their vision, while keeping in mind that each individual woman has a distinctive beauty within which needs to be reflected to the whole world.

Their main focus was to identify the most unique designs made of high quality material with high finishing and are also at competitive prices without sacrificing customer service or quality. They gathered pre-selected designer fashion with impeccable quality, and made them available online without having to go through the hassle of looking for them.


At Epoqueu, we offer necessary and distinctive apparel for the modern, stylized woman and we share the “story” behind each design to make your experience more personal. All our fashion products and accessories are made with quality fabrics and embellishments that complement any look.

We highly believe in collaboration with our customers and want them to feel comfortable and supported as they realize their highest potential by joining our style revolution.

As it is true that every woman deserves to be dressed in clothes she loves and looks glamorous in and take advantage of the opportunity to be spoiled.

Epoqueu is every woman’s stepping-stone towards this chic and boundless opportunity. It’s a global revolution in appearance sharing – collaborate with us and let us celebrate your style!


To become a lovingly-chosen, strictly curated global online fashion retailer and to provide the most empowering customer experience ever.
To be a comprehensive online brand for elegant fashion pieces which are selected and designed with a customer’s needs in mind.


To empower female creativity by providing high-quality fashion apparel and accessories that are pre-selected from International local designer and are made easy to order online.

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